Garden Resources

Growing Food Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

There are lots of great resources out on the great wide web that can make growing your own food easier and even fun. Find websites here that will help you answer gardening questions, buy heirloom seeds, figure out your growing zone…and more! 

Supplementing Your Food Supply

Only have a small space to grow your food? No worries! You can supplement what you grow with healthy food options that aren’t laced with pesticides and chemicals! Check out the link for Local Harvest below to find farms and farmers markets near you! 

What is Your Growing Zone?

Do you know what zone you are growing in? Do you know what a growing zone is? I’ve got answers for you. Check out the United States Department of Agriculture’s Plant Hardiness Zone map and find out what plants will thrive in your neck of the woods!

All Seeds Aren’t Equal

Did you know that some seeds from produce you get in the store are actually sterile? That means you can’t save them and use them to grow plants. Check out my resource below for non-GMO heirlooom seeds. 

Self-Sufficiency is Power

Need books on gardening? Want to know what to plant? Eager to learn how to preserve your own food? Need a new garden tool? Want to learn how to raise chickens? Mother Earth News has  that and then some! In fact, they’ve been helping people master self-reliance skills for FIFTY years! Check out their website below.

Have a Resource?

There are literally tons of websites out there to help you navigate the wonderful and exciting world of growing your own food. These are my go-to favorites. Have one of your own? Email me and I will be sure to add it! 

Find your county extension office

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More Resources Coming Soon!