Hello garden gals and guys! I hope you enjoyed the spring-like weather we had this weekend. If for some reason you didn’t get to, there’s more on the way at the end of the week.

The warmer weather certainly has my wheels spinning about what I’m going to grow this season, especially since I took last year off. I really missed my garden.

Thinking about growing got me thinking about you all. Specifically, those of you that say you will start a garden ever year, but then find excuses not to.

See that guy in the picture to the left? His name is Ron Finley. If you’ve never heard of him, Google him. You won’t be sorry that you did. That quote is one of my two favorites of his. His other one is (and I’m sorry for the curse word, but it’s his quote) “grow some shit.”  So, I want to tell you why should grow some of your own food this year.

First and foremost is because it IS therapeutic. Having a garden, however small or large, makes you slow down and take in the beauty in nature around you. Seeing a tiny seedling grow into this humongous, food-bearing plant is a miracle unto itself. And I can’t even begin to explain the pride you feel when you partake of some food that you grew with your own two hands.

Second, it’s a form of resistance. Say what? Yes, resistance. I keep up with gardeners all over the US and many of them are being fined for saving rainwater, or being told they can’t have a garden in their front yard, or just being told they can’t grow food, period. Can you imagine that? Well, it’s happening. A lot more than you think. Growing food is no big deal, right? It’s a right, not a privilege. But there are many people here on our own soil who are going through legal battles just to grow food. I don’t say that to scare you off, I say it to encourage you. Even if you just grow one plant in a pot. Get out there. Grow some shit!

Third, there are so many recalls on fruits and vegetables being tainted with all kinds of dangerous bacteria. You have to worry about everything you buy. But, if you grow some of that food yourself, you know how it was grown and what was used to grow it. You can take it right from your backyard to your table, or just sit in your garden and munch on down! Either way, you know that what you are putting into your body is healthy. You can’t put a price on that.

Fourth, but certainly not the last reason (there are hundreds more), it gets you outdoors! Getting outdoors is a good thing. The sun, the fresh air. Ahhhhhh. Getting outdoors also helps you get to know your neighbors and helps you feel less isolated, especially if you live alone. Heck, your neighbors may even ask you what you’re growing and you might make a new friend. Or, you can go and knock on your neighbor’s door, introduce yourself, and share your garden goodness with them!!

So, I hope you’ll grow something this year. No excuses.

Grow in a pot on your deck or front porch. Start a small garden in your side or backyard. Or even in your front yard if you are garden gangsta like myself! 😈  If you’ve never grown before, the only thing I recommend is starting small. Just remember that those cute little baby seedlings will become adult plants!

So, whatcha gonna grow?? Let me know in a comment below!

Until next time garden gals and guys…..

Happy gardening!!!