Hello Garden Gals & Guys! It looks like the spring weather is finally here…and my allergies came right along with it. But I guess you have to take the good with the bad, right?

Well, if you have trees of any kind in your yard, you may see white webs starting to show up all over the place. You may or may not know what they are. Well, I’m here to tell ya…they aren’t butterflies! They are tent worms that turn into little white moths. These little worms will eat up all the leaves on your tree…and if they are on a fruit tree as they are in my case…they will destroy your fruit, too!

If you have a very tall tree, you may want to call a lawn service to have the infected branches removed. But if you have a small tree like mine, you can remove them yourself. Watch this short video and I will show you how:

So that’s it. Just be careful on the ladder and be sure you have someone to hold it steady for you…or if you can’t climb a ladder, find someone who can. Okay…so that’s my disclaimer. 🙂

Until next time garden gals and guys!!!

Happy gardening!