Yes, my garden is a hot mess! It’s been too hot to go out there and tend to things. But I harvested so many tomatoes (cherry, plum and sandwich types), lots of peppers (bell, jalapeno, chili and cherry bomb).

I also harvested an eggplant. I made tacos today and used some garden fresh tomatoes as one of our toppings. They were so sweet and warm. Oh it was yummy!

As you can see–or not see for all the foliage–I have a lot of basil that I need to pick. I think a nice pesto to go with some of my maters is certainly in order. Soon, another gardening season will be coming to a close. But for now, I have a watchful eye on the only two cantaloupes I have growing this year. One should be ready in another week or so. While my garden was a bit stingy this year with its harvest, I am thankful to have received the bounty that I did today. Take a look!

Yes, that is all from today’s harvest. I am going to freeze the peppers and take some of the maters to my mother-in-law. I wish my parents lived closer so that I could give the eggplant and some maters to my mom (sorry, Mom).

I may try my hand at some fall plantings, but honestly it’s a little past the date to get a harvest before the frost. But I’m not giving up on my garden just yet. I think there’s still another harvest or two of maters out there.

I’ll give it until the end of August. Me thinks my next blog will most likely be on amending the soil….oh….and maybe planting some garlic and onions to overwinter and be ready for spring!

Well, this is all for now. Until next time garden gals and guys!

Happy gardening!