The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful! Sunday, I got out in the garden and planted some onions for my family. 

We all love onions…a LOT…and we use them in almost every dish we make. And Ethiopian food, which I am becoming quite adept at making, calls for onions. So growing them just makes sense.

Before when I’ve grown them, it was just a few. This time, the whole left side of my garden cage, about 150 feet, is walla walla onions and red onions. 

Hubby dug up the soil for me. Onions need loose soil for the bulbs to be able to form properly. Here is what it looked like after the prep:



Next, I added phosphorus, which helps with root growth which onions need to grow nice and strong. Then I planted my onions. Hubby took a picture of me planting:


Here is a video of how I planted the beds.

And that’s it! In about 90 days the onions will be ready for harvest. I will make more videos over the coming months showing you how I tend to the onions to ensure optimal growth. 

Until next time garden gals and guys….

Happy farming!