Hello Garden Gals and Guys!

I’m sending out a second post this week because there is an urgent situation. Remember last week’s post about why you should grow some food? Do you also remember that I mentioned someone that I deeply respected in the gardening world? Well, I just found out that Ron Finley needs our help. Ron runs the Ron Finley Project.

The Ron Finley Project is headquartered in a food dessert in Los Angeles. It houses a huge edible community garden and various community projects.  The building he is operating out of was sold to a real estate investment firm and Ron now has two choices: purchase the building or move. Moving would be a very huge setback.

He has begun a gofundme page to raise the money to purchase the building. The amount is 500,000. That may seem steep, but if everyone contributes even just a little and shares with a friend, we can help him keep the Ron Finley Project going.

The Ron Finley Project

Here is a link to an article that tells all about who Ron Finley is, what he does, and how you can help. If you can’t help financially, please share the article with as many people as possible.

I normally don’t do posts asking people to help, but I truly believe in what he does to help bring about change in urban communities. We need more people like him.

So, that’s all for now garden gals and guys!!! Spread the word!!!!!!