OK so last year I wanted to sell at the farmers market. When I wrote to the person that is in charge of several of the local ones in my area, she turned her nose up at me and said my garden is too small.

I was hurt and knew that I had enough veggies to sell at a market. Well, that summer I just ate what I grew.

Well, my little garden is listed on Local Harvest (www.localharvest.org) and yesterday I got an email from the market manager for the Cheverly Community Market. She invited me to be a vendor at her market!

Needless to say I am very excited! I shared my trial with her of trying to sell at a market last year (and also sent her the link to my blog). She told me that I am an inspiration and that my story needs to be told. That made me feel so very special!

So there you have it folks! Lord willing I will be a vendor at the Cheverly Community Market. Yay! I will be sure to blog about the experience. My dream is finally coming together!