Hello Garden Gals and Guys!!! I wasn’t expecting to post anything further this year because both of my gardens gave out on me. My watermelon plants had very few blooms and the watermelons that did manage to grow had split from getting too much water too fast from some large rainstorms.

I walked away from my gardens feeling frustrated and defeated. Two months later, I get a call from the landowner saying I had “a few” watermelons out there and that I should come and get them. I took my daughter with me thinking she could help me carry “a few” watermelons. Well, this is what we came back with:

EIGHTEEN of them! And the one closest to my leg has to weigh about forty pounds, if not a little more. All of the others are 20-25 pounders! I loaded the entire back seat of my pickup truck (the floor AND the entire seat) with these babies. Oh, and there are still about six or seven more that weren’t quite ready for harvesting yet! It was certainly worth crawling out of bed (I’ve had this flu thing all weekend) to go and get!!  
Of course, we ate one! They are SO sweet!!!! 
Until next time garden gals and guys….I need to look up some watermelon recipes!!!