Hello Garden Gals & Guys! Well, yesterday may have been rainy and cold, but that didn’t stop the Crofton Farmers Market from having their preview day! I had a great time, ran into an old friend, and got some tasty treats! The energy there yesterday was amazing and there were so many vendors! I took some great pictures and talked to some really great people. I am so excited to begin my “no more grocery store” journey (which you can read about here and here and here).

Words won’t be adequate enough to explain how wonderful this market is, so I did a little video for you. I couldn’t get pictures or video of all the vendors, but you get the main idea. If you’re in Maryland and want some locally sourced food, the Crofton Farmers Market will be every Wednesday from 4:00PM to 7:00PM from April 15th through November 25th. Be sure to visit their site for the location, directions, and the list of all the awesome vendors (there is more than just food!).

Okay..enough chatter…here is the video:

I am looking forward to many more weeks of shopping here! So this is all for now…until next time garden gals and guys…
Happy gardening!!