Hello garden gals and guys! So…you’ve heard me talk about the heat and how it’s been hard on my crops.  But it isn’t just me…it’s farmers everywhere. The drought and the heat are taking their toll on the local farmers.

Expenses are going up because of the measures farmers have to take to save their crops and their animals.  It’s going to be a rough year for farmers for everything from corn and soybean to flowers and tomatoes.  So garden gals and guys….if you get a chance to go to a local farmers market, I encourage you to do it.  Yes, buy the $4/dozen organic eggs instead of the supermarket eggs that cost $1.50.  Buy the organic tomatoes instead of those perfectly round paper weights from Mexico.  Your local farmers need your support. I grow for fun, but for many, this is their livelihood.

Don’t know where to find a farmers market in your area?  Well, I can help you with that.  If you go to Local Harvest (the link will open in a new window), you can put in your city and state and you will get a list of local farms, farmers markets, and yes even local gardeners looking to sell their produce.  

I promise you, the freshness of the local veggies you will get at the farmers markets will beat anything on the grocery store shelves in both nutrition and taste!  

So instead of going to the grocery store for your produce today, give that roadside fruit stand that you pass on the way home every day a try, or use the website I mentioned to find a farmers market near you.  Your local farmer will thank you…and so will your taste buds!!!!

Until next time garden gals and guys….

Happy gardening!!