So I have a sore throat and stuffy nose and a fever and I should be in bed. But I just have to share pictures of my sprouts. Quite a few things are a growin’ in the Russell household and I even received a generous loan of a shelf lighting system to grow my little darlins’ under!

I find it quite poetic that some of my little food producers sprouted on the first day of spring! I am still waiting on okra, habaneros, pumpkins and some of my herbs to sprout, but they can be slow sprouters.

This is so exciting! You know I find such wonder in starting seeds. Some of the seeds, like the ones for beans and cucumbers and cantaloupes are good sized seeds. But seeds for tomatoes and carrots and a lot of the herbs are so tiny, some not much bigger than the point of a pencil. It’s amazing to see these little seeds sprout and grow and produce fruits and vegetables that are literally a thousand times the size of the seed itself.

You can definitely see God’s awesome power at work in the garden. I often think of the verse about having faith the size of a mustard seed. See the period at the end of that last sentence? That is literally the size of a mustard seed. Really! I have planted them before. I always learn so much about God and faith when I plant my seeds and watch them grow every year.

The garden is such a wondrous place! Well, enough of my rambling for now. Until next time!

Happy garden thoughts!