I love this sign. I’ve had it in my garden since I started gardening 8 years ago. My garden always does welcome me no matter how she looks….and right now she looks pretty bad.

Since it was 63 degrees yesterday, I decided to give my farm (i.e. my back yard) a good cleaning to get it ready for spring planting.

I’ll post before and after pictures beside each other so that I don’t take up too much of your time.  I began my cleaning with the greenhouse. I must say that it felt SO good in there. It was almost 80 degrees!

But, I digress. Here’s the greenhouse before and after:

Then came the raised beds:

And I even found a mass of carrots that I will be washing and eating (don’t you just love root crops?! They won’t spoil!):
Then there was the garden. Insert dramatic music here. While the greenhouse and raised beds took me about twenty minutes total, the garden took two and a half hours. But I totally enjoyed being out in the sun and there was a nice breeze blowing too! Before:


Then I covered the garden with straw to keep more weeds from taking over my soil:
That’s it! Now my gardens are all clean and ready to be supplemented with well-composted horse manure so they will have plenty of food for my plants around Mother’s Day.
Until  next time garden gals and guys….
Happy garden thoughts!!!