It’s time to start dusting off those garden tools! I feel as if the growing season has officially started. How can I feel that way with all the snow on the ground? Well, because yesterday I ordered some of my seeds! Yay! I have to order them a little at a time but I wanted to get a jump on the seeds that sell most quickly.

So here’s what will be arriving in a few days:

Sweet Baby Girls (cherry type)
Tomatoberry (size and shape of a strawberry)
Rutgers Jersey (a sandwich type and a tribute to my homestate–Go Jersey!)
Roma (a tribute to my grandmother and my Italian heritage)

Cantaloupe: Ambrosia hybrid; Cucumber (Streamliner hybrid); Hot Pepper Caribbean Red (habanero); Mint: chocolate mint. I also bought some tomato seeds that will supposedly produce plants that reach 8 feet tall in 90 days and produce 60 pounds of tomatoes…each!

In my next round of purchases I will be buying the rest of my herbs, carrots, onions, garlic and potatoes. Sounds like too much for 300 square feet, but with the my space saving tricks, I’ll be able to grow it all! I am excited at what this year’s garden is going to bring!! It’s going to be an exciting growing season! Be sure to become a follower so you can watch my garden grow!

Until next time….happy garden thoughts!