Hello garden gals and guys! Things are growing well in my garden but there’s not much to report on while I wait for things to ripen.

I planted some beans so that I can get a nice late summer harvest.  My shallots look like they may be ready for harvest soon, too.  In August, I’ll be starting some collards, kale, and broccoli for a late fall harvest. 

In the meantime, I wait.  But I did manage to harvest this beauty:

It’s an heirloom tomato called Persimmon.  It is SO sweet and juicy it’s almost like eating a piece of candy.  I sliced a bit and made a BLT yesterday.  The rest I’m going to use today in a cucumber tomato salad.  And I’m using a cucumber from my garden, too!  This one:
I love it when I can make a meal or a side completely from food I’ve grown myself.  
Well, that’s it garden gals and guys.  I told you, short and sweet! 
Until next time…
Happy farming!