Hello again, Garden Gals and Guys!! Well, it’s seed starting time again. I am starting a little later this year than I have in the past because I don’t want my plants to get leggy. I really need to get more grow lights!

Here’s what’s on tap for this year: sweet peppers, hot peppers (habaneros), onions (long white bunching and Golden Grande), watermelons (Crimson Sweet), collards (Georgia), lettuce (mesclun mix and Simpson Elite), beans (Kentucky Wonder), and tomatoes (Sungold, Pineapple and Beefsteak). I’m also trying my hand this year at leeks and bok choi. We’ll see how that goes.
Of course, I’ll have my herbs too. I’m thinking mostly mint, sage and basil since those are what I use the most of. I am just too, too excited about getting in the garden! It’s going to be a great growing season. I just have to find ways to combat the stink bugs and other varmints that will be in abundance due to the mild winter *ick*.

Well, until next time garden gals and guys!

Happy gardening!!!