It’s almost February and seed catalogs have been rolling in for almost a month now. Seed catalogs mean one thing to me…..winter will soon be bidding us adieu and it will soon be time for me to start my seeds (indoors, of course) and watch new life sprout that will soon be warmly welcomed by my garden.

My garden cage looks so lonely out there in the cold, but soon I will find myself escaping into her inspiring beauty, feeling the dirt beneath my fingers and watching my little seedlings grow and bring forth their harvests. It’s such an amazing thing to watch a tiny little seed say hello to the world and then produce food that is about 100 times the side of the seed.

Every year I grow something new. This year it’s radishes and tomatoberries–tomatoes the size and shape of strawberries. I can’t wait to start ordering my seeds. I am going to try a method new to me called square foot gardening. I am always looking for ways to maximize my garden space and I believe that this method is going to make the most efficient use of my space.

I hope you’ll follow my blog! You’ll be in for quite a ride! What’s coming up? Blogs and videos on how to build the square foot garden raised beds; starting my seeds; transplanting seedlings; how to make compost–and more!

Post your comments, ask your questions and I’ll be sure to answer! And you’ll be getting tips and advice from a certified Master Gardener!

Until next time, my faithful followers….happy garden thoughts!