OK, this blog is not about my garden but I had so much fun I had to write about it. As you all know, I am a master gardener and I work on the Grow It Eat It project. Saturday, my daughter came with me for the official planting ceremony at the Governor’s mansion.

The First Lady of Maryland was there and the Grow It Eat It project received a proclamation from the Governor declaring April as Grow It Eat It month.

The event had a really nice showing of master gardeners, staff from the Governor’s office, the University of Maryland extension office and the Department of Agriculture. Everyone chipped in and planted a variety of greens in the garden. Adrianna was so excited to help me plant. She got to meet the Governor and First Lady of Maryland and jumped on the trampoline with their son, Jack.

We had a wonderful time and I am so proud to be a part of this project. The photo above is courtesy of the Governor’s Press Office. You can see all the photos here. Click on ‘MORE’ under Maryland Grow It Eat It.

Until next time. Happy gardening!