These are some of the many peaches on my dwarf peach tree this year. This is the third growing season for my tree. It’s not supposed to give me ripe peaches until year five, but I don’t know…these peaches are looking pretty good so far!

I went out into my garden and put down a layer of compost that I bought from the local farmer’s cooperative in Glen Burnie. It feeds my plants, but more importantly feeds my soil, which feeds my plants. :o)

My garden took four bags of this stuff…which didn’t smell too great. Suddenly I felt I was at a horse farm! I only made a thin layer, sort of a top dressing. I usually work my compost into the soil before I plant, but time got away from me this year.
It’s been a week since I applied the compost and manure mixture and I must say my plants are LOVING it! Everything looks so healthy and green and I’ve even got some baby peppers on one of my plants.

I am excited about this growing season. At last count, I had twenty five tomato plants (of different varieties, of course); twenty pepper plants; ten cucumber plants; two watermelon plants (those are planted in a nice, sunny bed behind my garage); four cantaloupe plants; eight shallot bulbs; four chives; two radish plants; eight collard plants; and I can’t even count all the herbs in my garden! Sheesh! But I love going out every day and looking at my babies.

On another note, I went to the farmers market this weekend where I will be a vendor come the end of June/beginning of July. It’s a quaint market and the vendors were all so very friendly. I am so looking forward to being there! Don’t worry, I’ll post lots of piks of my farmers market adventure!

For now, I leave you with an aerial view of my garden with a layer of fresh compost:

Until next time…..happy gardening!