Hello garden gals and guys! So, of course, I have a little video for you about my garden but I wanted to share something else with you too. It’s summer, and that means mosquitoes. I have never enjoyed the idea of spraying myself with any sprays that have DEET, and some of the other repellents with no DEET had other ingredients that were questionable.

After reading an article from the CDC stating that lemon eucalyptus oil is as effective as DEET (you can read the article here), I decided to give this product a try:

I bought it at WalMart and it was about four bucks. I sprayed it on my arms and legs and went into my garden where mosquitoes love to attack me (they love my tomato plants for some reason). I sat and watched as the mosquitoes gathered around my legs. They flew around my legs and then flew away! Not. One. Bite. I was amazed. 
Other products I’ve tried, still left me getting a bite or two..but not this stuff.
Now, I will tell you that it does have a STRONG smell…not unpleasant…just strong. So definitely spray it on outside. So there you have it, a natural way to keep from getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.
Now on to the garden. I pulled out my collard plants since they’re growth slowed, and put in some corn. I haven’t grown corn in years, but since the plants were on sale I figured I’d give it another shot. Here’s a little video for you:
I’m anxious to see how it grows. So that’s all for now garden gals and guys. How’s your garden growing?
Until next time…
Happy gardening!