Hello Garden Gals & Guys! So this is week one of NMGS (No More Grocery Store)! I am very excited to begin this journey. Of course, I haven’t completely cut the ties with grocery stores….yet….obviously because of the list that I talked about here. But also because I still need greens for salads…and it’s still a little too early for those at the market yet and my own are also not ready for eating.

However, all is not lost. Meat is in steady supply, so I began my NMGS journey with meat! As I go through this journey, I want to give you some food for thought (excuse the pun…or don’t). Most of what you get in the grocery store is processed foods. There is a middle man involved…a very large middle man….that makes the cost of food “cheaper” than what you might pay at a farmers market.

This is where the deprogramming begins for me and, I hope, for you. Cheaper is not always better. All you have to do is look at the cumulative health of the human race today to see that “fast” food is slowly killing us.

During this journey I hope to show you that what we call “slow” food or “organic” food is what our grandparents and maybe even our parents just simply called food. I hope that I inspire you to start growing some of your own food–whether it’s one plant in a pot on your patio, a small raised bed, or a large garden or anything in between–just grow something!

Once you taste the beauty of a homegrown, sun-warmed tomato, or harvest some lettuce and cucumbers for your own salad, you’ll want to grow more of your own food. At the very least, maybe you’ll begin to shop more at farmers markets to support your local farmers and boost your local economy.

OK..on to the good stuff. I went back to the Crofton Farmers Market this week to get my foodstuffs. Here’s a little video so you can see what I got:

If that doesn’t make your mouth water, this certainly will. I cooked up some of that bacon this morning and paired it with some eggs from my chickens and some of that amazing banana nut bread! Watch this short video…and listen to that bacon sizzle. Caution: you may not want to watch this one if you’re hungry!
So…that’s it for week one of NMGS. 
Until next time….
Happy farming!!