Hello garden gals and guys! It’s week two of my no more grocery store challenge and we’re doing pretty well. I still go to the store for things like paper towels, toilet paper and deodorant, but it has been two wonderful weeks of not buying any meat from the grocery stores…and we can all definitely taste the difference.

This week I went to Bear’s Honeypot to get my meat and some wonderful fruits and vegetables. Our meals over the last week have been hamburgers, chicken, and london broil. The chicken (which I didn’t get any of) had a wonderful sort of grassy taste to it and it was delicious.

I will have to take my hubby’s word on that one since he and the kids ate all of it! 🙂 To his defense, I cooked several meals on Friday because my daughter and I were going camping. I was hoping there would be some chicken left when I returned, but hubby and sons ate it all.

Today’s meal will be something that I can make with ground beef other than burgers. I will be consulting some of my cookbooks to see what I can come up with. So here’s a video to show you what $96.00 got me to cover my meals for the next few days.

One thing that I have noticed is how I shop. I have been shopping by the week instead of stocking up for several weeks. Honestly, I think I like it better this way. Obviously as summer gets closer, I will stock up on meats and veggies to freeze and can to get us through the winter months. But right now, I kind of like shopping by the week. 
So far I think things are going pretty well. There are no complaints from hubby or kids yet….and I am looking forward to expanding my cooking skills. 
Okay, so here is a video on how my seedlings are doing. I am very excited to get them in the ground so that I can begin to really see some savings on my produce. I have an idea that my hubby showed me for a new way to grow things this year. I’ll post more on that in a later blog. 
Oh! I almost forgot. Here’s a shot of the flowers on my apple tree! Last year, the tree had no flower blossoms, only leaves. So maybe I will see some apples this year? I’ve had the tree for three years now and the directions said the tree only needed two years to produce. So we will see.
Pretty, isn’t it? I call this tree Carmela after my maternal grandmother. Since were’ on fruit trees, here’s Nathan the peach tree (named after my maternal grandpa):
My grandparents both loved to garden. When I am in the backyard, I feel like they are both with me. 
So that’s all for now garden gals and guys! Whatcha got growin’ where you are?