Hello garden gals and guys! The weather may be a little crazy right now, but I have managed to convince my seedlings that it’s spring! But, before I show you my happy little seedlings, I wanted to share this little video. My good friend, Steve, and I went to get some composted horse manure for our gardens. While there, a rooster would not stop crowing….that is until I decided to film him. The video’s only a little over a minute. His rooster buddy was crowing in the background, but I think his crow box was broken. 🙂

Here he is:

All I could think was that he sure would taste mighty good! 
Anyhow, here is a little of what’s growin’ on down on Fat Earth Farm. 
Here are just a few of the more than 50 tomato seedlings that have sprouted. I spent some time separating and repotting them so they could each have room to let their roots spread out. 
Here are two of my bush bean plants. I had two more but a very mischievous cat who shall remain nameless ate the leaves off the other two. But, not to worry, I started some more of them. 

Now here we have more tomato seedlings, okra, lettuce, and radishes. The empty pots are my sugar snap peas that I just started yesterday. 

Here are just two of the baby lettuces that are sprouting in my little lettuce tray. I had to zoom in because they are about the size a small fingernail. I almost didn’t see them until I just happened to look really closely!

Here I’ve got more tomatoes, and some watermelons in the back.

And more shots of tomatoes (YES, I have a tomato problem…and if growin’ maters is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!)

I’ve also got onions, rosemary, basil, oregano, kohlrabi and beets growing. My daughter started moonflower and African Daisy seeds too. The moonflower seeds are really doing well! I also plan to start some potatoes. 
Oh! I almost forgot! My banana tree seeds came!!! The instructions said to knick them (which was hard to do even with my very sharp butchering knife!) and soak them in warm water for two days. Here they are in day number two of soaking:
Tomorrow, I will plant them. They have to be kept in the dark at 75 degrees and take anywhere from 2-26 weeks to sprout. Gardening does teach patience! I’ll keep you posted every now and then on this little project.
Well, that’s it garden gals and guys. Until next time…..

Happy gardening!!!!!