Well, hello again garden gals and guys! This weekend was a very busy one for Fat Earth. The garden is now planted and I changed a couple of beds from radishes and turnips to some different edibles that my family will enjoy more.

Come on in the garden with me and have a look! Here is a shot of me and my daughter. She’s my secret garden weapon! Everything looks SO yummy. I just can’t wait for harvest time!

Now, I changed that bed from kale and radishes to an entire bed of collards. Turns out that hubby isn’t that crazy about radishes and the kale was so small that we decided to do the collard transplants that I bought.

Here is my spinach bed. I had direct-seeded spinach but it just didn’t come up. So I went to my favorite farm and bought some. Ahhh….that is much better. As my old friend Popeye would say: “I yam what I yam and I love me spinachk!” Hey…yams…..hmmmm. Oh ok, sorry, here’s the pik:

This bed was supposed to be for cantaloupes, but is now strawberries with onions in the middle (onions like to grow with strawberries…or at least that’s what I read so we’ll see). Don’t worry! I will plant the cantaloupes at the big garden (more on that in just a bit):

And this was THE best part of my whole mother’s day weekend. My kids wanted their own gardens and so we went to Lowe’s and bought these “My First Garden” raised beds. We filled them with compost and started digging:

They planted some onions, bush cucumbers, chives, spinach, one tomato plant each and a flower. Ahhhhh my little farmers in the making!

I spent Sunday making the beds in the 5,000 square feet of growing space on loan to me at Myrtle Woods. My daughter and I got about eight beds dug and incorporated some humus and manure into them.

I won’t tell you too much…just look for another blog in a few more days with all the juicy details! What’s that you say? At least tell you what I’m growing there? Well, waiting in the wings are watermelon, honey dew melon, cantaloupe, a whole lot of maters, sweet peppers, hot peppers–habaneros (thanks “pepper man” for the great tip on where to buy some great plants!), zucchini, cucumbers and onions! Yup…there’s gonna be a bumper crop this year!!

Oh….and a great big shout out to Cathy and her husband Tiff for tilling up all that land for me…and for allowing me to farm at Myrtle Woods! Everyone there is SO warm and friendly!

Well, until next time garden gals and guys!

Happy gardening!