Hello Garden Gals & Guys! There’s a lot growin’ on at Fat Earth so let’s just get right to it. You may remember reading about my rain gutter grow system that we put in the garden. If not, you can read about it here. Well, my plants are LOVING it! But don’t take my word for it,see for yourself:

These were the collards when I first transplanted them (in the blue buckets):

These are the collards now:
My mouth is watering just thinking about the greens I am going to make. 
These were the tomatoes when they were first planted (the middle row of buckets):
The tomatoes now:
Here are the cukes now (and if you look at the first picture I posted of the tomatoes, you can see how little they were in the left side of the photo:
Pretty amazing, right? 
Now, you all KNOW that I have a plant problem. I see plants at the store and they just call out to me saying “save me, save ME!”. So I do. I keep telling them I just don’t have space for them all…but they INSIST that I make room.  
So the first little baby that begged me to bring her home was a blueberry bush…complete with blueberries hangin’ from the branches:
I have to get her planted.
Then a gang of rogue flowers demanded that they be brought home to my garden. They said they needed to make a garden for my mommy, call it Nana’s Garden, and insisted on sending her a photo of them in all their glory. How can you NOT comply with a flower gang’s request? So here they are right outside my garden cage:
The little green flower in the middle will grow up to be a beautiful sunflower of the variety Ring of Fire
There were also some watermelon plants that found their way into my cart too. But they were too shy to take a photo.
My sugar snap peas are coming right up in the raised bed (there are about 5 or 6):
So…I had a pile of compost that was left over after making my potting soil mix…and I brought home some more bush bean and cantaloupe plants. So I thought “what the heck” and planted these plants in the compost pile:
I’m sure they will be VERY happy there. Now, you all know my chickens couldn’t allow the plants to have all the glory, right?  Here’s one of the girls showing off her good side for the camera:
So that’s it for what’s growin’ on in the garden. I can’t wait until I can start eating all the things I’ve got growing!
What’s growin’ on in your garden?
Until next time…
Happy gardening!