Hello garden gals and guys! This past weekend I was FINALLY able to get the Fat Earth Backyard Farm started! Also got some flowers planted as well, but since I love my veggies, they get top billing!

Let’s dig in! 

I’m still letting my garden cage rest, so I will be growing in my raised beds again. Here they are with all the detritus of last fall still nestled in them.


Once the beds were cleaned out, it was time to amend the soil. I used this slow-feed mix for raised beds from Harvest Organics. This has to be one of my favorite parts of growing food: playing with the soil. I took my time breaking up the chunks and smoothing out the soil. This was the end result, which I just stared at for a good five minutes. Rich soil is sooo pretty to me.

With the raised beds ready, the fun began! I got to planting and was lost in my world. I planted the veggie garden on Sunday. The weather wasn’t as nice as the sunny Saturday we had, but overcast weather is actually the best weather to plant your seedlings. They won’t wilt from the hot sun. So here’s the finished product.

In the large raised bed there are tomatoes in the back, with stakes at the ready for when the plants get big (and boy do they always get big!).  In the middle are red and green sweet bell peppers.  In the front are habaneros and jalapenos. In the little hanging pot in front are two types of cilantro. The two containers to the left are herbs: oregano, parsely, thyme, and rosemary. 

Here are more tomatoes. I am growing sandwich, sauce, and cherry varieties. I can’t wait! There are already lots of buds on my tomato babies! What you can barely see between the tomatoes are okra and cucumber seedlings. Okra and cucumber are great companion plants for tomatoes!

Of course you know I can’t grow tomatoes without growing some basil! Here’s some in a pot. I will probably buy some more basil seedlings to plant. I just love basil!

The only thing not picture here, because I forgot to take pictures of them, is my zucchini. My youngest son LOVES zucchini (he did not get that from me) so I am growing it for him.  Next up are my flowers. Below are some geraniums in pots on either side of one of my rose bushes. There are lots of little buds that will be blooming soon because I gave them some yummy fertilizer!

The other knockout rose bush has chocolate mint growing behind it. Well, actually it was on the other side of the fence, but mint does what it wants to do! So here it is trying its best to conquer my roses and other flowers (whose names I can’t remember).  I’ll thin it back some, but I like the backdrop it gives.

And last, but not least, are my geranium arrangement (sitting on the porch) and my zinnias (hanging basket). I have to say that zinnias are my new favorite flower. They are such bright and happy looking beauties with such vibrant color!

And so, that does it for this week at the Fat Earth Backyard Farm! Now to wait and watch everything grow! 

Until next time garden gals and guys…

Happy farming!