Well it looks like spring has finally sprung in my back yard. The garden is busy sprouting and Nathan (that’s my peach tree to your left) has lots of beautiful pink blooms.

Speaking of Nathan, this is year six for him so theoretically this is the year that I can harvest peaches from this tree. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes (or should I say grows). Someone told me I should threaten him with a chainsaw and he’ll grow me some peaches for sure! Hmmmm….alright Nathan, you’ve been warned! :o)

You know that I was so worried about my garden sprouting. I planted four different types of lettuce, some radishes and turnips, spinach and kale. Well, they are supposed to sprout in about 7-14 days. Well after day 15 I didn’t see not one little thing and I thought maybe all the cold had just killed the seeds.

Well, my garden likes to play little tricks on me just like my husband and kids do. I went out with seeds in hand ready to start over and low and behold there were all these little sprouts! I had to wait another week to be able to get pictures of them (they were so tiny) but here they are!

That’s a ground level view of them growing. Here’s another shot taken looking down directly upon them:

Both of the pictures above are of my lettuce. My spinach is just starting to sprout and is still too tiny….my camera focuses more on the dirt than on the sprouts. Same with the carrots, radish and kale. They are a little more shy than the lettuce, I guess.

My tomato plants are looking good and getting nice and tall. I also bought 15 strawberry plants and got six tomato plants from the farm I am working on as part of my farmer training. They are planted behind the garage and so far they are doing really well…even with the cold nights. I gave them each a nice helping of some lobster compost. Yup….ground up lobster shells….I bought it of course. Lobster compost is high in calcium which tomatoes LOVE!

I’ll be posting again in another day or so to show you all some pictures of the farm that I am working on. I’m there every Tuesday and the past three weeks it has rained but…well…you’ll just have to read my next post to find out what I’ve been busy doing down on the farm!

Hey….I gotta get you to read my post about it somehow and what’s better than a little teasing!

Until next time garden gals and guys…..happy gardening!