Hello garden gals and guys!

Yes, I know…I haven’t written anything since March. However, I am not sure anyone even reads this blog so I’ve cut way back on my posts. But I’m still here and still growing food, so I’d thought I’d check in, just in case anyone does read these posts.

Summer has come and the weather is hot. I’ve been getting out early in the morning around 6AM to cut vines and branches and pull weeds and get my little backyard farm in tip top shape.  Here was the madness that took over the space behind my garage:

There were vines that grew up along the top of the garage. LOTS of them.  I divided the work up into two days. Now it looks like this:
This is along the other side of the garage.  

Here is the back wall of the garage…all cleared out. 

Here is the detritus from all that work. There were actually two truck loads, but I didn’t get shots of the other day.

Then I moved on to the garden cage and cleared it out.  I know what you’re thinking: aren’t you growing in your garden cage? Nope. More on that in a bit.  Here is a movie of all the work I did today:
Here is a still shot of what the garden cage looked like before all of my work:
Here is what it looks like now:

MUCH better. Now, you may be wondering why there are no plants in there.  Well, I think the soil is tired.  No matter how much I amend it, my plants just don’t do well in there.  So, I let my chickens run in there for now. I am thinking of maybe trying some garlic this fall.  Another reason I am not using the cage is I am tired. A garden that size is a lot of work and with all the other things on my plate, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it.
Not to worry, I still have a garden. Just a much smaller one.  Here it is when I first planted it back in May. I planted peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, basil, and some flowers to attract the pollinators.

Here are my gardens now:

Those two plants in between the flowers above are eggplant. I am growing them for my mom. I’ve got lots of green maters growing, but no ripe ones yet.  However, I did get two jalapenos today, which made my youngest son very happy (those are his hairy arms holding his harvest…which he used to make his breakfast sausage contraption):
What’s that? You want to know how my chickens are doing? Oh they are fine.  Here they are enjoying watermelon, one of their favorite treats:
Annnnd this is what a watermelon looks like when they get through with it ☺:

Here are shots of my little backyard farm. It is my happy place.  All it needs now is a swing, which I am hoping to get some time this month. 

Here are some final shots of me, in case you missed seeing my face. 😉 Here I am doing my favorite thing, grilling. I love cooking out in the summer. 
And me in front of my tomato forest:

 That’s it folks! Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope your summer is going well. Until next time (whenever that will be)…
Happy farming!