Hello again garden gals and guys! The weather has been getting hotter and things have been starting to take off, which I am glad to see because DivaGardener was gettin’ a little worried about her chilluns! :o)

First order of the day was taking baby peaches of the branches of Nathan (my peach tree y’all). I’ve been doing some research and you are supposed to thin out the fruit so that the tree can put more energy into less fruit which makes them bigger and sweeter. So here is what I pulled off (don’t worry there are still PLENTY left on the tree):

And here is Nathan after it’s all done (I kept the ladder there to distinguish him from the rest of the trees in my neighbor’s yard):

And here’s Lil’ Fat Earth! Momma is so proud of her babies!


Right side of garden with collards at the top, peppers and tomatoes in the middle and onions and strawberries at the bottom:

Scallions, anyone? They are almost ready for harvest!

We will NOT discuss what the slugs have been doing to my strawberries those little (&#$(&#(&#(&*(#!!!! But I put down some organic slug pellets so hopefully the rest of the berries will thrive:

OK…now here’s the best part. We harvested lettuce and spinach from the garden and had our first garden salad last week! Yummy! It was so good we went back in for a second harvest and made another batch.

Freshly cut greens:

My secret garden weapon washing the greens…awwww she’s so cute…but I digress….

Salad is served!

I dressed it with just a little pepper, onion and garlic powder and Italian dressing (mangia! mangia!) and it was delicioso!! Vive Bene! Oh, ahem….sorry…channelling my Grandma Carmela. :o)

Well, that’s all for now folks.

Until next time….

Happy gardening!