Hello garden gals and guys!  Well, it looks like once again spring won’t be with us for long. I don’t mind the warm weather, I just hope it cools back down so my lettuces, collards, spinach, and broccoli have a chance to produce. 

But here’s how things are growing so far.  I’m excited!  First up is my oregano, which just keeps coming back on its own every year and I don’t water it or anything. 

Chives are also doing well and I also planted those years ago and they just keep coming back.  I have to admit, I hardly use them, but they are so pretty.
Here’s my lettuce and arugula bed.  It’s really taking off.  I worked some chicken poop into the soil about three weeks before planting these.  As you can see, they love the nutrients.
Spinach is also doing well.
I lost all of my bell pepper plants.  But my spicy peppers and tomato plants are doing fairly well, but are slow growing.  So I’ll have to buy some more established plants from the nursery this weekend.  I’m not thrilled about that but not much I can do.
So, that’s it for now garden gals and guys! Until next time…
Happy farming!