Hello garden gals and guys! It’s been a minute since my last post and I’ve definitely been busy! Things are growing pretty well here in Fat Earth. First up is my “apple stick” as my children call it. When it came in the mail, my daughter said “an apple tree fit in that skinny box?” :o) I had to explain that it’s not a full-grown tree yet. Well, I walked outside today and there he was starting to bloom!

I’m not sure what to name him yet. Speaking of trees, Nathan is in full bloom, but you’ll have to wait to see him…I forgot to take pictures!
Here are my tomatoes:
Of course you can’t have tomatoes without basil. I love growing basil, their little leaves smell like basil even as tiny as they are right now!
Onions go well with anything and mine are coming right along!
Something new I am growing from seed this year is my fennel. I thought it wasn’t going to make it because the first leaves died, but here they are! Can’t wait to use them in a salad!
My peppers. These are the sweet peppers. Only two of the habaneros I planted actually sprouted.
Here are my cucumbers. There are two types: regular (pickling) cucumbers to the left and these midgit gherkin type ones to the right. I picked them because they look like tiny watermelons on the vine!
And what is summer without….WATERMELONS!!! These babies are looking great!
And last we have string beans. (My eggplant and carrots were just too tiny to photograph…they are the johnny-come-lately of the bunch).
That’s all for now garden gals and guys. Until next time….
Happy gardening!!!!