Hello Garden Gals and Guys! The weather this weekend was SO wonderful! I had a great time getting things done here on the Fat Earth Backyard Farm. I hope that you enjoyed the weather too…and I hope there was some gardening involved!

I’ve got lots of neat videos to share with you today about onions, basil, tomatoes and leaves. All the videos are short, but so full of good information! First up is a little video on how to transplant basil seedlings. If you’ve grown basil from seed, you’ll understand why this needs to be done. Basil seeds are VERY tiny and I can never manage to get one seed in a cell pack. You’ll see what I mean when you look at this video:

Pretty neat, right? Next up is transplanting tomato plants into larger pots. They are getting a little too big for the cell packs they were started in. Take a look at this video to see what I mean:
Have you ever wondered the difference between “first” leaves and “true” leaves? Did you even know there was a difference? Learn the difference between these types of leaves in this video:
And in this video, you’ll learn what succession planting is and why we farmers do it! 
I needed more room to grow things out there in the Fat Earth Backyard Farm, so I decided to till up a space next to the greenhouse and make an onion bed. Watch this video to learn how to plant onion sets:
Wow! That’s a lot! I hope you enjoyed these short videos! They can all be found on my YouTube channel at Veggie Garden TV. Until next time garden gals and guys….

Happy gardening!!!!