I’m not much for drawing out a garden plan on graph paper like some gardeners do. However, I do like to write down what I want to grow to be sure I’m getting everything I need for the season. It is important to have some kind of garden plan so that you don’t end up buying every seed (or plant) you see–and growing too much.

A good tip if this is your first garden is to grow what you like to eat. So if you love romaine lettuce and cucumbers….grow them! It’s totally up to you. Just remember to start small. Some plants, like tomatoes and cucumbers, can get really big and if you plant a lot it can become overwhelming as you get into the peak of the summer season.

Here is my seed list for this year:

Tomatoes – Italian ice, pear, rutgers jersey (a sandwich type), tomatoberry (size and shape of strawberries) and sweet baby girls (cherry tomatoes).

Peppers – bell, habanero

Spinach – regular and strawberry spinach (has edible berries at the base of the plant)

Herbs – chocolate mint, boxwood basil (grows in a bush and has very small leaves–great for containers), sweet basil, chives, mint, sage, thyme, oregano

Garlic, collards, cucumbers, okra, sugar snap peas, potatoes, radishes, cantaloupes, onion

And that’s it! More than enough to keep me busy for the growing season! Until the next post….happy garden thoughts!