Hello, Garden Gals and Guys! It’s been 3 weeks since my last post…and that’s just too long. We’ve been enjoying some amazing weather here in Maryland…heat with no humidity. I have been savoring every breeze-filled minute.

The garden has been producing mostly cucumbers, beans and zucchini for me. In fact, I harvested about 10 pounds of zucchini today! I plan to make zucchini coconut bread, zucchini cobbler bars, zucchini fritattas and a few other things tomorrow….yes, TOMORROW. I will be spending at least half the day in the kitchen.

Well, on to some pictures, ay? I lost about half of my tomato plants to blight…but I have a few brave soldiers hanging on.

They are taking their time turning to red. I HAD one red tomato today.
Notice I said “had”? That’s because one of my chickens, Andi, hopped on the chair when I put the tomato down and took it! She and the others truly made short work of that tomato.
Oh well. Hopefully the rest of my tomatoes will redden soon! I also pulled some zucchini flowers from my plants. I am going to fry them up and eat them. If you’ve never tried this, you must. Just be sure to only pull flowers that are NOT at the end of a zucchini! 
Here’s a little of my cuke and zuke harvest, with a few beans thrown in for good measure:
And in case you were wondering how the chickens are doing…here are a few shots of Andromeda and Miriam taking a dust bath in one of my raised beds.

Do you see her sleeping?! It was truly so funny to watch her just lay there soaking in the sun’s warm rays while letting the cool breeze blow on her. That’s Andromeda…she’s the sweetest of them all!
The chickens are four months old now. They should start laying in October, but could start laying as early as next month! That would be awesome! 
Well, that’s all for now garden gals and guys!!!!!
Until next time…

Happy gardening!!!!