Hello again, Garden Gals and Guys!!!  The weather has been rather cool and somewhat rainy, but it’s been great for the garden!  The potatoes have not pushed their way through the soil yet, but other things are doing well.

Come on in the garden and have a look!  Here’s my spring onions:

They look SO yummy!  I just want to pull them up now and put them on the baked potatoes I am making today.  But alas, I must be patient.  Darn!
Here’s my strawberry patch:
Those are my plants from last year. I didn’t mulch them but they are thriving.  Here’s a closer look at what’s under those leaves:

Beautiful, right?!  Those babies won’t make it to the kitchen table!  As soon as they are red they are MINE!!!  SHH!!! Don’t tell anyone…I don’t want to share. Come on, June!!!
And here’s a look at my babies growing in the laundry room.  Here are my hot and sweet peppers.  The last two rows on the right are habaneros, the two rows to the left of the habaneros are sweet peppers:

The habaneros seem to be doing better than the sweet peppers! That’s their spicy personalities kicking in!  :o)

Here is my future tomato forest:

And what is a tomato without some…..

YUP!  Basil!  These little fellers are almost ready to be thinned out and put into their own pots.  
Well, that’s all for now garden gals and guys!!!  Until next time…
Happy gardening!!!