Hello Garden Gals and Guys!  Before I begin this week’s blog, let’s give a BIG GARDEN WELCOME to Sherry, the newest follower of Fat Earth!  Welcome, Sherry!!  I hope that you find lots of interesting things here to help you on your garden journey!

The weather for the past few days has been absolutely perfect for gardening.  I haven’t even had to water anything because we’ve gotten a good amount of rain too.  This past weekend I planted my sweet potato roots that came in the mail.  I realize now that I should have taken a picture of them out of the box, but hindsight is 20/20.  Here’s the box they came in:

Below is a picture of some sweet potato vines from Tiny Farm Blog just so you can see what my plants looked like (although mine didn’t look that alive upon arrival…so we’ll see how they do):
You remember my blog about the potatoes, right?  My tip for knowing they were ready was seeing flowers at the top of the plant.  When you see these flowers you can dig them up at that point for some delicious baby potatoes, or you wait until the plants die back completely for fully mature ones.
Well, I went out into the garden this weekend and saw those pretty little flowers.  My daughter took a picture for me (such a great garden helper is she!):
It’s SO tempting to dig up some baby potatoes, but I will wait.  I am going to put another crop of potatoes in the ground next weekend so I can have another fall crop.  Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures of the plants as they die back, as well a a video of me digging up those spuds!  
Here is one of my watermelon plants in the big garden. It’s beginning to sprawl:
I put my glove there to give you some perspective.  You can see the darn weeds are trying to take over too. I should mulch, but last year when I mulched with hay, I still had A LOT of weeds.  
OH!  I got a fifth bowl of deliciously sweet red strawberries from my garden too!  Yes, I took a picture, but you’ve seen one strawberry, you’ve seen ’em all.  :o)  I’ve got flowers on my cucumbers.  
I staked my tomato plants, which are still on the small side (you can see them in the video below …sort of).  In fact, I’m rather envious of my neighbors tomatoes, they are HUGE! BUT he uses chemical  fertilizers and I don’t, so he’s got an advantage on me.  
So, I’m always telling you guys to come on in the garden….well, here’s a video of the BIG garden that I grow on:
If there’s a video that you would like to see me make of something…or a question that you would like me to answer…leave a comment!  I’ll be posting lots more videos in the weeks to come!

That’s all for now!  Until next time….

Happy gardening!