Hello again, garden gals and guys!  I know it hasn’t been a week since my last post, but my backyard garden is doing SO well!  I just had to share!  Where do I start?  OK.  How about here:

I got a whole BOWL full of berries yesterday!  
Here’s the patch that still has PLENTY more coming:
You can see those glimmers of red saying “here I am! eat me! eat me!”  Who can say no to a strawberry? Not me…So we ate a bunch and they were just SO sweet!  I also used some this morning to go with my homemade crepes:
When my oldest son bit into one of the strawberries, he said, “look at how red it is inside! You can’t get that from the ones in the store!  And it’s SO sweet!”  That made me SO proud. It feels great to feed my kids fresh food from my own garden!
Here is my basil that I started from seed and it was sitting in the window, begging me to let it out in the real world:
So mommy gave in and made them their own patch in the garden near their brothers and sisters:
I need to put down some hay so that the slugs don’t eat my babies!  The potatoes that I thought were a bust are losing their minds:
Those are the Bitje variety (a baking potato).  I will definitely have to buy compost to keep hilling them!  Here are the fingerlings:
I wish you could see how big the hills are.  Each of my potato plants are a good 7 inches tall.  Keeping the soil hilled up around them is so important!  That’s where the potatoes will form.
Here is a long shot of my garden:
Closest to the foreground is a row of Austrian Peas that I planted earlier.  They go great in salads and I may use some of it for that. But mostly I am growing it to work back into the soil to replenish it before my sweet potatoes arrive to be planted.
You can see the onions in the middle of that shot.  I have spring bunching onions (think scallions) and sweet vidalias (regular-sized onion).
Here are the goober’s gardens.  The top is my youngest son’s and the bottom is my daughter’s.  They are doing very well at keeping them watered and weeded!  They make momma so proud!

And last but not least…here’s Fred just takin’ in the beautiful breeze outside today as I was tending to Fat Earth:
He’s a good boy.  He knows to stay outside of the garden!  Well, I guess that’s enough garden gossip for now.  Until next time….