Hello garden gals and guys! Well, as of 11:44AM yesterday (Wednesday), the season of fall is officially upon us. I love it! The smell of fireplaces burning, the leaves changing colors, caramel apples and Halloween!

This is the perfect weather to do some garden cleanup and get your gardens/yards ready for the winter months. I know a lot of you are flower gardeners so I am including things for you to do as well. Here is a checklist for all you flower gardeners of things you should do before winter comes. For all my veggie gardeners out there here’s your checklist.

You might find that some of the things to do on each list are the same….and if you do both flowers and veggies…well then….you’ve got a lot of work to do!

My big garden has been tilled (thanks, Cathy!). Now that just leaves my backyard garden that I have to clean up. I will probably do that Sunday afternoon.

You may be asking “is she done planting?” “will there be any more blog posts?” Well, not to worry. I’ll still be entertaining you with posts. What’s on tap: planting garlic in October (yes, that’s the time to plant garlic, I’ll do a whole post on it, don’t worry); building a cold frame to plant some winter lettuce; and book reviews on some really great gardening books!

Until next time garden gals and guys…..

Happy garden thoughts!