I know it hasn’t been a week since my last blog, but I just couldn’t wait that long. I was out and about today and while at some stores today I saw spring onion sets and some white onion plants. Now…y’all know how I do….so YES I bought them!
I got home and immediately planted them in the garden that I weeded this morning. I dug my trenches, worked a little mushroom compost into the soil and got busy. Here’s some photos:
These are the sweet white onions. They will grow to regular size:
And here they are once I firmed them in the dirt:

Here are spring onions. Notice that you can put them one right against another in the trench. Think scallions or green onions. These you harvest young and you can eat the stem and the small onion bulb.

Here’s a closer look:

Once they are in the trench (with root part pointing toward the soil) you just push the dirt over them and let them do their thing!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “DivaGardener! It’s too early to plant! There’s still a danger of frost until May!”
Well my garden friends, that is true for most heat-loving plants like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. But onions will do just fine in the ground now!
I also ordered potatoes today that will be here this weekend or early next week. I ordered a fingerling type (what I call skinny minnie potatoes) and a variety called Bitje, which are the regular-sized potatoes.
Don’t worry…I’ll post piks when they get here and tell you how to plant them!
Well, until next time garden gals and guys…..
Happy Gardening!!!!