Hello again, garden gals and guys! Canning…the skill that has evaded me for years. Today I was at the co-op doing some garden browsing and saw this book. It was only $7.99 so I bought it.

Last year I wanted to learn to can and never did. This year, when the harvest comes in, I will be ready! It’s a great book if you want to learn how to can and don’t know where to start.
It gives very specific instructions on all the equipment you need and all the steps needed to properly can your garden goodies so that there’s no chance of those nasty fungi and bacteria ruining what you set aside for the winter.
It’s got a LOT of great recipes in it too…even low sugar and salt recipes because, of course, we are all trying to eat better! I think my favorite thing in it so far is the step-by-step illustration of how to can string beans! Yes! Going to grow lots of those and make sure I have them stored up for the winter. Oh and it teaches how to dehydrate apples too!
And this book doesn’t just cover fruits and veggies, it covers how to can meats and seafood too!
From jams to chutneys to jellies to veggies and meats I think this book was money well spent! And of course I will be blogging about my canning experiences this year!
Until next time garden gals and guys….
Happy gardening!!