As I anxiously await the arrival of spring,  I am reading a lot of books. This one, by Vicki Robin, is a must read. In it, she shares her journey on eating food that came from within a 10-mile radius of her home (and it’s not as easy as you think).

She beautifully and thoughtfully addresses the issues of food and from the political aspect to the personal shares the challenges–and benefits– of eating local. She sheds light on food insecurity and really challenges the reader to become involved in taking back our food.

It’s a very pleasant read with some laughs along the way. I encourage everyone to read this book, whether you garden or just want to take more control of your food. You can get it at  your local library, as I did, but this is definitely one to purchase for your personal library as well (you can click on the link in my book widget to the right to buy it from my Amazon page :-D).

Well that’s all for now, garden gals and guys!

Until next time….

Happy garden thoughts!