Hello, Garden Gals and Guys! Welcome back to the Fat Earth Backyard Farm!!!

I hope that your gardens are doing well so far. Thankfully, after two years of not doing well, mine is taking off quite nicely. I’ve harvest at least two pounds of strawberries, over a pound of radishes, a pound of spinach, and a few sugar snap peas.

Come on in the garden with me and see what’s growin’ on!

On the very far left is a tomato plant that I just threw in the bed. It was a scraggly thing and I wasn’t expecting it to make it…but it’s doing quite nicely. Then I have a row of hot and a row of sweet peppers, followed by another tomato plant that seems to be taking off. Peeking in on the right are my sugar snap peas.

Here is my little sugar snap pea forest. they have fallen over because they have grown taller than the stakes I tied them to. I get about a handful a day of these sweet beauties!
Here are my daughter’s sunflower seeds. They are doing quite well! Sandwiched in between them is a zucchini. It’s my little experiment. I want to see how well it grows being shaded. So far there are lots of flowers….only time will tell.
This is some volunteer dill that came up in my raised bed. I read that dill should not be grown with any plant other than fennel because it gives off some sort of chemical that stunts the growth of other plants. So I put these four guys in this bin. They were maybe two inches tall when I trasnplanted them. I’d say they are pretty happy!!!
Here is my bean and tomato bed. It’s doing pretty well. There were two zucchini plants on the corners but something has taken to eating the flowers off them.
Next up..PEACHES!!!! There are LOTS of them on the tree. THIS YEAR the squirrels won’t get to them because we put a net around the three to keep those thievin’ varmints OUT!

A shot of one of my many kale plants. They are doing well also. 
And where there’s kale, there’s collards….one of many. They are really starting to take off now. 
This is one of the many malabar spinach plants that I have in between the tomato plants. It’s such a beautiful little plant….I almost hate to eat it. I said almost. 
Some of the blackberries on one of the three blackberry bushes I planted this year. 
A sneak preview of the okra (oh hush….it’s great in gumbo).

The amazing strawberry patch.

And finally, a larger shot of the big garden. You can see the tomatoes are doing quite nicely, as are the cukes which are on the wooden trellises to the right. 

This blog post  wouldn’t be complete without a cameo of The Stinkerbelles. Here they are doing what they KNOW they shouldn’t be doing…but they are cute…and they eat bugs. I shooed them out of the bed after I took this picture though. They love, love, LOVE anything green! 
That’s all for now folks! Until next time…..
Happy Gardening!!!!