Hello Garden Gals and Guys! It’s been too long since my last garden post. The farming season is under way and it’s been keeping this farmer gal busy! This Saturday was one of my high points as a gardener and let me tell you why. The whole reason for this blog is to share my passion of growing food with anyone that will take the time to read my posts. I envision a world where a food garden exists in every backyard. This weekend I helped my lil’ cousin start her own garden!! 

We began with a nice rectangular plot in the backyard that gets plenty of sun all day long. We weeded the area and conditioned the soil with Leafgro (compost). (Now before you ask, that is not my Instagram account. My phone won’t upload pictures anymore so I had my cousin take the pictures.)
We had to make a run to Home Depot to get a few extra bags of the Leafgro and a few plants. 
Then we planted! Daryn has strawberries, cucumbers, cantaloupes, honey dew melons, onions, green beans, peppers, basil, and several varieties of tomatoes. The tomatoes are ones that I grew from seed (yay!!!). Here is the finished product:
Beautiful, isn’t it? Now you may notice that the garden is shaded. But by the time we finished it was about 4 o’clock. However, the sun stays on this patch from early morning until late afternoon, which is plenty of sunlight for those growin’ green babies! 
Congratulations to Farmer Daryn! May your garden produce a beautiful, delicious bounty this season!
Until next time garden gals and guys…..
Happy gardening!