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“Just because people are fat, it doesn’t mean they are well fed. The cheapest foods are the fattening ones, not the most nourishing.” — Fannie Lou Hamer

First Harvests of Summer!

Hello garden gals and guys! Welcome back to Fat Earth Backyard Farm!  It has been too hot for words outside which has limited my outdoor time other than watering the gardens and keeping my hens hydrated with lots of water and their favorite summer snack: watermelon!...

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Plant With Love & Watch a Miracle Grow!

Hello garden gals and guys! Welcome back to Fat Earth! We are ten days into June and even though summer hasn't officially started yet, it is HOT out! My garden loves every bit of it, too. I was out in the garden early this morning, but it was still hot out. I was...

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Tips & Tricks for Planting Onions

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful! Sunday, I got out in the garden and planted some onions for my family.  We all love onions...a LOT...and we use them in almost every dish we make. And Ethiopian food, which I am becoming quite adept at making, calls...

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It’s Time to Get Growin’!

Hello garden gals and guys! This past weekend I was FINALLY able to get the Fat Earth Backyard Farm started! Also got some flowers planted as well, but since I love my veggies, they get top billing! Let's dig in!  I'm still letting my garden cage rest, so I will be...

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Urban Farming on the Southside of Chicago

Hello garden gals and guys! Welcome back to Fat Earth! I've got a special treat in store for you today! If you think you can't garden because you live in the city and have a small yard, think again! Matthew lives on the southside of Chicago and he is growin' it up!...

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Quick Growing Tips: Fat Earth’s New Series!

Hello garden gals and guys! I'm back! I hope you missed me as much as I missed you! I pray  everyone is in good health and staying safe during these crazy times. I don't want to dwell on this corona virus at all because we are inundated with talk about it at every...

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